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So much of history has been distorted over the years; black legends have formed, mis-truths passed off as fact and real people have morphed into caricatures. None more so than 16th Century monarchs the Tudors.


We know Henry VIII as the fat, angry egotistical tyrant, and Anne Boleyn as the cold hearted, scheming seductress; the social climber who would stop at nothing to become Queen.


However, as Hayley Nolan explains, that’s not quite the truth...


You can listen to Hayley's illuminating and impassioned talks over at The History Review on iTunes and soundcloud. Here she dispels the many myths surrounding Anne Boleyn and delves into the psyche of the King.

About the Speaker...

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As an Anne Boleyn Expert, Hayley is the Writer/ Researcher and Presenter of hit iTunes podcast series The History Review and it’s spin-off Facebook vlog series of the same name, which gained over 1 million views in only 5 months. Her new analysis of Anne Boleyn’s life and demise is the culmination of 3 years intensive research that saw her working with the official French organization Atout France where she travelled abroad to research Boleyn’s early life in France; the National Archives of the UK Government who invited Hayley to research the original 16th century Boleyn trial records; and the Old Royal Naval College on their groundbreaking excavation project which discovered two Tudor rooms from Henry VIII’s lost Greenwich Palace.  Hayley has also partnered with some of the country’s most respected historical organizations including Houses of Parliament for the 2017 General Election, Historic Royal Palaces (Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace), Anne Boleyn’s childhood home of Hever Castle, and the English Heritage site of Eltham Plalace, Henry VIII’s childhood home.


A graduate of London’s prestigious Royal Court Young Writer’s Programme and Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education, Hayley further trained in screenwriting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) under the expert tutorage of Paul Sirett, former Dramaturg of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC.)


Hayley is a West End playwright and  is now developing her research into a Tudor drama series - the first draft  of the screenplay for which has already gained the support of a plethora of renowned historians including Tracy Borman, Elizabeth Norton, and Richard Rex for her truthful depiction of Anne Boleyn.  



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Conducting research at the National Archives, viewing the original Anne Boleyn trial records.

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From Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn, to Queen Claude of France and Henry's grandmother Margaret Beaufort, Hayley explores how traumatic a Tudor childhood really was, particularly those of future Kings and Queens.



Submissive and boring she was certainly not! In fact Jane's story bares more than a striking resemblance to the myths applied to her predecessor.



Hayley Nolan discusses how the Black Legend of Anne Boleyn came to be, and just how far from the truth it really is...